About Us

The Football School provides the highest standard of football education to young players through a continuous educational methodology. The Why, When and How Educational methodology has been adopted by The Football School, where the football concepts delivered are explained, analysed and demonstrated by our fully qualified Football Educators.


Much like a teacher at school, a Football Educator is able to accelerate the learning and development process by systematically breaking down each technical and tactical component of the game. A Football educator will also use explicit pedagogical practices in order to achieve the desired outcomes. This teaching strategy will allow young players to develop more effective habits, which will become autonomous in later years.


When comparing children from around the world, Australian’s are blessed with certain physical and psychological attributes that are required in football. In general, they are physically strong, extremely competitive, they have a well developed winning mentality and have a strong determination to succeed. However, young Australian footballers have certain technical and tactical weaknesses, such as ‘creativity’, first touch under pressure, short passing game, controlling/changing the speed of the game, tactical awareness ‘reading’ the game and decision making on the pitch. The aims of The Football School are to identify the weaknesses of our players and to implement strategies and training methods, where players are given an opportunity to learn and develop as footballers in a fun, safe and respectful learning environment.















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